Discover Antigua Sailing Week

Posted on 04/04/2023 | About Caribbean, Anywhere

One does not have to be a sailor to enjoy Sailing Week in Antigua! 

This prestigious regatta returns and welcomes sailors from all over the world for a week of racing around the twin island country of Antigua & Barbuda. But it’s not all sailing… there’s as much to do on land as there is at sea. Offering special breakfasts, to nightly entertainment, to beach parties and more – this is an excellent week to visit Antigua!



First held in June 1968, the Antigua Hotel Association sponsored the very first Sailing Week. 

Invitations to participate were extended to other Caribbean nations, to the US and to Canada. The ‘Lord Nelson Regatta’ included yachts of up to 135 feet in length, power boat races, even Sunfish sailing competitions, and it lasted for three days. The final event was a regatta from Guadeloupe to English Harbour, Antigua and culminated in a grand costume ball held at Nelson’s Dockyard.


The following year, the date moved up a week, and over the years it settled to an official start date of the last Sunday in April each year. The types of sailing boats have also changed over the years – gone are the working boats and small dinghies – they have their own races.  Even the classically designed sailing yachts have made way for sleeker, faster models. These classic yachts can be seen during a separate annual event - Antigua’s Classic Yacht Regatta - while Antigua’s Sailing Week highlights the need for speed!  Every year, Antigua Sailing Week attracts a splendid variety of over 100 yachts, helmed by captains of all different experience levels. The regatta offers a ‘Club Class’ category, suitable for those racers who are less experienced yet who still want to be in attendance and a part of the on-the-water action.  Over the course of 5 exciting days, crews and their vessels are met with a variety of challenging coastal racecourses as they battle powerful trade winds while crossing the expansive blue Caribbean waters.