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About US

The aim of our tours is to help you glide through your holiday without worrying about flights, hotels, baggage handling, meals, transportation, sightseeing or any of the fun-spoiling nitty-gritty of travel.

Our energetic and zestful approach to travel enlivens each tour. Your escort takes care of all the details. At a hotel, for example, they will check you in and out, and they will tip the maids, dining staff, and porters. You just walk in and out as if you own the place.

While our escorts are there to make sure your tour is fun filled and runs smoothly, they are also there to help in any emergency. We select our escorts for their caring nature and their ability to cope efficiently in all situations. Our travelers enjoy a great sense of camaraderie. They enjoy meeting people and having a good laugh. Some of our clients make lifelong friendships and continue to tour together.

With value and quality foremost on our minds, each hotel on every tour has been personally inspected or researched by our tour planners. Hotel management favors our tour members with gracious care and service.

You never have to worry about finding a restaurant in strange places; most of your meals are pre-arranged. On most of our tours, breakfast and dinner daily, and even lunches in some cases, are included in the price, and that includes tipping.

We include plenty of sightseeing excursions and entertainment. On most other tours these would be options for which you would have to pay extra. Again, your escort handles all gratuities for tour guides and bus drivers.

Our prices are reasonable as they are; they include many features not provided by other tour companies. You'll find that Circle Line Tours offers you the best value for your hard-earned travel dollar.

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